The Best Apps & Sites for Finding Last Minute Travel Deals

Photo Courtesy: Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

After spending a year or more indoors and close to home due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, many vaccinated folks are taking advantage of the summer months by dipping their toes into travel again. Of course, with the Delta variant-related cases surging and many cities reinstating masking guidelines no matter one's vaccination status, travel is still a tad up in the air. Although that touch-and-go mentality can be stressful, it might also contain a bit of a silver lining for would-be travelers who are waffling: there are plenty of last-minute travel deals out there.  

So, whether you're waiting until closer to your departure date to feel as good as you can about the most up-to-date travel guidance or if you're looking to save a little on your next trip, we've rounded up some great tips and tricks when it comes to snagging those last-minute travel deals.