How to Redeem Air Miles


Collecting Airmiles CA rewards can be an excellent way to earn flights, cash, concert tickets, merchandise, and more. However, for those who have been collecting Airmiles redeem points, you know the process can become overwhelming. Is there a way to earn the best values per mile? Here are some tips you can follow to learn how to earn the best values when you redeem Airmiles points.

Using Miles for Flying

For those who would like to use their Airmiles for flying, log into your frequent flyer account to see how many you have available. You’ll typically find this information under a link or tab labeled, “My Mileage Summary,” or something similar. Make a note of how many miles you have available. In this same section, you should see a link where you can redeem miles. Check to see if you times, flights, and destinations are available for the number of miles you have available. If so, book the trip using your miles.

Use Your Miles for Other Options

Currently, there are four other categories in addition to booking a flight with Airmiles that will deliver consumers the best cost per mile (CPM). These Airmiles CA redeem points include events which are 21.6, car rentals which are 16.2, attractions which are 13.4 and hotels which are 12.3 CPM. You can see if you have enough Airmiles rewards to redeem for these categories by logging into your account and viewing, “my Airmiles account.” In this section, you can also learn how to get Airmiles card if yours has been lost or stolen, or if your spouse or family member would like one.

Redeem Airmiles for Cash

You can redeem Airmiles to redeem for cash vouchers or to use for in-store discounts. When you use Air Miles Cash, each of your miles will be redeemed at a rate of every 95 miles equalling $10. That translates to the value of each mile is 10.5 cents. If you would rather not fly with Airmiles and would like to take the cash instead, check to see how many Airmiles to fly versus the cash value to see which is the better value. You may find that the Airmiles rewards flights for Airmiles CA flights are a better deal.