Should You Apply for a Wells Fargo Credit Card?

Photo Courtesy: Westend61/Getty Images

Are you interested in getting a credit card to help boost your credit history, earn rewards, travel more or give yourself an option for accessing emergency funds? There are tons of options available, but if you currently bank with Wells Fargo, then you might have considered signing up for one of the financial service company’s current credit card offerings. It can make sense to do so — it’s often easier to apply for cards at institutions you already bank with. But even if your main bank account is elsewhere, you might be leaning towards a card with Wells Fargo thanks to its extensive rewards programs or low, industry-leading introductory interest rates.

Before you fill out an application, it’s a wise idea to learn more about Wells Fargo’s various credit cards, especially when it comes to their benefits and limitations. Like many financial institutions, its list of available cards tends to change. Here, we'll give you a solid overview of the bank's best credit cards for personal use, all of which are available as of this writing.