How to Make a Premier Bank Payment Online

There are several Premier Banks spread throughout the U.S. Here’s how to access the specific banks’ online payment systems using your internet-connected desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Premier Bank, Inc.

Premier Bank, Inc. is a West Virginia-based community bank with branches in West Virginia, Virginia and the Metro Washington D.C. area. Premier Bank, Inc. is a subsidiary of Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc., but was formerly called Boone County Bank, Inc.

You can access the Premier Bank, Inc. online payment system through the bank’s mobile banking app. The system is called PBI Mobile, and can be activated by contacting your local Premier Bank, Inc. office. With the PMI Mobile system, you can view account balances, search for recent payments and deposits, transfer funds and deposit funds using your smartphone. The app also provides a way to pay bills online. Your Premier Bank, Inc. account manager or loan officer can explain more about how the app works and how to manage your online payments securely.

First PREMIER Bank

First PREMIER Bank offers a PREMIER Bankcard, which may confuse some customers into believing the issuing bank is called Premier Bank. However, First PREMIER Bank and the PREMIER Bankcard part of United National Corporation. Both United National Corporation and First PREMIER Bank are headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

First PREMIER Bank is on the top-20 list of credit card issuers, so you may have credit card or other payments you must make using your PREMIER Bankcard.

PREMIER Bankcard App

Like Premier Bank, Inc., PREMIER Bankcard accounts can be accessed using an app. Customers can download what’s called a PREMIER Bank mobile credit card to manage their purchases and payments using smart devices. The PREMIER Bank mobile credit card can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Make payments as an individual (this option is not available for businesses) on the PREMIER Bank website by having your ABA number and checking account number available. There’s no fee for online payments. You can also make payments online using Western Union, but there’s a charge.

Other First PREMIER Bank Options

First PREMIER Bank also offers text and email alerts to review your account online. Payment methods include payment by phone, remote payment presentment service (in some locations) and bank wire services.

Payers’ Responsibilities

Always double-check the name of your bank to ensure you’re paying the correct online institution. Many banks have similar names, so you could give your information to the wrong party if you’re not careful. Check the accuracy of all account numbers and payment amounts before approving a confirmation of online payment.