Should I Open an Account With American Express?

Photo Courtesy: magnez2/iStock

Are you in the market for a credit card? If so, American Express might already be one of your first contenders. AmEx has a history dating back more than 150 years, and in that time it’s built up a reputation for providing some of the most prestigious credit cards on the market. But that air of exclusivity certainly isn’t the only feature you’ll want to weigh when you’re deciding whether or not an American Express credit card is the right choice for your financial situation and goals.

While AmEx cards are known for their excellent rewards, travel benefits and high limits, they’ve also gotten flack for their high annual fees and prohibitive membership requirements. To decide whether an American Express card may be in your financial future, take a look at some of the general benefits and limitations of the company’s credit offerings — along with some alternatives you might find more fitting.