Where Is Woodforest National Bank Located?

Woodforest National Bank has over 700 branches for patrons to visit. The branches are scattered across the southern, eastern, and central part of the United States. To find the closest branch, the facility provides a locator tool to use online. It also has ATM locations, online banking and mobile banking.

Woodforest National Bank Locator

To use the locator tool to find a Woodforest National Branch location, enter an address, city and state or your zip code in the search boxes. Enter the maximum amount of miles you want to go to visit the bank, then click the search button. If you don’t find a nearby location, you can expand the miles included in your search by entering a larger number and clicking the search button again. The results show pins for each location. You can hover the cursor over the pin to see information about each Woodforest national Bank location. You can also scroll down the page to see hours and information about some of the services provided at each location.

Woodforest National Bank ATMs

If your chosen Woodforest National Bank location is closed when you need to do your banking, its ATMs offer after-hours access to money and account information. Some locations also have a night drop box for deposits, and that information can be found within the results from a locator tool search. Some basic details about each branch are included in the search results.

Woodforest National Bank Online Banking

Online banking a way Woodforest National Bank makes it easy for customers to handle transaction whether the closest bank location is open or closed. One way to get started with the facility’s online banking service is by providing an email address when opening an account. The invitation to set up online banking is automatically sent out to bank patrons who provide email information. Bank customers can also set up online banking by supplying an account number and some personal information.

Woodforest National Bank Mobile Banking

The Woodforest National Bank mobile app is available for download to Android and Apple devices. There are a number of functions available through the app, including making deposits and transferring money. You’re also able to check your credit score and apply for a loan through the app. Online bill paying is available, and sending money via Western Union is another option offered through the app.

Ways to Contact Woodforest National Bank

In addition to visiting branch locations for assistance, bank customers are able to call, email, write or do an online chat session with a Woodforest National Bank customer service representative. Contact information is provided on the Contact Us page of the bank’s website.