Which Auto Insurance Is Best?

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Finding the best auto insurance depends heavily on the individual. There are many factors that go into the cost of auto insurance; the age of the driver, the age of their license, the make and model of car, whether you bought new or used, credit score, speeding tickets, DUIs, and previous accidents are all elements that determine how an auto insurance company comes up with a quote for an individual. The type of coverage a person selects, such as liability or comprehensive, as well as coverage limits also factor into the equation. You might consider getting an insurance estimate on your dream car before you’ve purchased a vehicle.

Best Auto Insurance Companies

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When shopping for auto insurance, most people are primarily concerned with finding the cheapest coverage.  However, customers who have had to actually use auto insurance rate their experience on different factors. When filing a claim, customers are more concerned with the ease of filing, the perceived fairness of the process, and any reimbursement that they receive. Rather than simply looking for the cheapest coverage, anyone trying to decide on the best auto insurance company should consider the company’s track record in customer satisfaction. 

1. Progressive

Despite all of the commercials about extreme savings, Progressive prices are pretty average when compared to other insurance companies. However, there are still plenty of reasons to consider Progressive auto insurance.

An auto insurance claim can be a very expensive ordeal if the policy has a high deductible. Generally, policies with low deductibles have higher premiums. With Progressive’s Deductible Savings Bank, good drivers can reap the benefits of low deductibles without paying high premiums. At the end of each policy that a driver has gone without claims or tickets, the deductible for the next policy period decreases by $50. Drivers who have good records for long enough can earn $0 deductibles. 

2. Allstate

Allstate has consistently won consumer awards for customer satisfaction. One element of Allstate’s customer experience that makes the company stand out is the Claim Satisfaction Guarantee. Allstate offers all auto insurance customers a money-back guarantee.

Any customer who is not happy with the way their auto insurance claim was handled can submit a formal written complaint within six months of the accident. Then Allstate will give the customer six months of car insurance for free, no questions asked. The six months of free insurance has to be for the same car that the insurance claim was filed for.

3. State Farm

As one of the country’s largest auto insurers, State Farm has the ability to offer very competitive rates. One way they do that is through an app that keeps track of unsafe driving, such as any rapid acceleration or sudden movements during driving.

The app reports safe driving directly to State Farm, and this record of good driving helps to decrease the next insurance policy. Since new drivers are often considered to be a higher risk, this app is one of few ways that newer and younger drives can earn discounts. 

4. Nationwide

Nationwide can be a little more expensive than other auto insurance companies, but it is a large company with a good reputation. Nationwide may be the best auto insurance company for a person who does not drive very often, because they offer a Smart Miles program.

Insurance companies factor the average number of miles a person drives into the cost of coverage. Some people don’t drive very often, and Smart Miles allows those people to have a changing monthly payment depending on how much they drive that month. 

5. Amica Mutual

Amica may not be one of the most widely advertised companies, but it consistently ranks high on JD Power and Associate’s customer satisfaction scores. Many customers love the free services that Amica offers, including airbag repair, windshield repair, and locksmith services. 

While Amica’s insurance rates aren’t particularly higher or lower than average, Amica is known for refraining from increasing the rates of existing customers. As long as a driver is not involved in any accidents, Amica customers can expect negligible rate increases from year to year. 

Amica also has a rewards system called Advantage Points. Customers earn rewards points for buying a policy, renewing a policy, having a year with no claims or tickets, and referring others to Amica. When drivers get into accidents, they can use their Advantage Points to cover deductibles. 

6. Texas Farm Bureau

As the name suggests, Texas Farm Bureau auto insurance is only available to people who live in Texas and have another form of Farm Bureau insurance. However, the brand is extremely popular in Texas because it is very cheap. Drivers who fit the criteria are often best served by going with this unique offering. The company has also had high customer satisfaction scores for ten consecutive years.

7. Chubb

Chubb is definitely one of the more expensive car insurance offerings, but Chubb also definitely follows the principle of “you get what you pay for.” Plenty of car insurance companies will pay for repairs in the event of an accident, but insurance companies are notorious for repairing pristine cars with aftermarket parts that decrease their value. Chubb repairs cars with parts from the original manufacturer. 

Chubb has both regular auto insurance plans and plans made specifically for classic cars. Chubb is more expensive than the average car insurance, but it is the right-sized policy for a driver with a more expensive car. Even if the car is not expensive, drivers who insist on quality for their car are often more satisfied with Chubb. 

8. Shelter

Shelter auto insurance is very popular among drivers because the company offers plenty of discounts. For example, the good student discount gives unmarried students under 25 years old a discount on coverage as long as they maintain their grades. Any driver under 21 who takes a state-approved driver’s education course can also receive a discount. There’s a discount for drivers who take an accident prevention course. 

Shelter discounts are not only for young drivers. Drivers over the age of 48 who have more than one type of policy with Shelter also earn serious discounts. This discount, coupled with the ones that cater to younger drivers, can be especially appealing to parents of newly licensed drivers. Most auto insurance companies increase the cost of coverage for young drivers, but Shelter offers unique discounts that make the cost more manageable for new drivers. 

9. ERIE Insurance

Many auto insurance companies offer cheap introductory rates that begin to rise at the first policy renewal. ERIE customers are protected from the inconvenience because of the famous ERIE Rate Lock. Drivers who maintain the same primary residence and do not add any new cars or drivers can keep the same rates. Rate lock even works for drivers who file claims after locking in their rate. 

10. Geico

Like the gecko on the commercial claims, Geico saves drivers money. Every insurance company claims to be cheap, but Geico really is. In addition to being cheap, the coverage receives good ratings. In one survey, 97% of customers who filed claims said that we’re happy with the company. 

Geico boasts excellent customer service and financial strength as a company, so customers can be certain their claims will be paid. 

The best car insurance for the individual depends on many factors, but choosing from one of these 10 companies is a great place to start when applying for auto insurance.