The Best Health Plans in New York

Whether you’re in perfect health or searching for catastrophic coverage, the best health plans in New York have you covered. Choose a small group health plan or company health plans, or work with health plan brokers to capture the coverage that keeps you healthy without breaking the bank.

Empire BlueCross BlueShield Streamlines the Insurance Process

One of the most popular of the health plans in New York is Empire offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This company gives primary coverage options for individuals and families as well as supplemental options for persons with Medicare as their primary insurance. Empire provides medical insurance along with coverage for dental issues and vision plans. Easy to shop online, Empire offers straightforward information about the types of health plans offered, including HMO (health maintenance organization), PPO (preferred provider organization), HDHP (high deductible health plan) and catastrophic coverage. This health insurance company provides members with self-service website tools that offer easy access to cost estimates, prescription drug benefits and pricing as well as claims or coverage details.

Consider Health Insurance From Emblem Health

Offered across the state of New York, Emblem Health provides both individual health care plans and a small group health plan for businesses. Emblem Health is affiliated with the New York State Marketplace and provides plans with possible tax credits provided by Marketplace enrollment. Check out optional dental and vision coverage with free preventative care and free telemedicine depending on the plan selected. Emblem Health plans are also offered as Medicare replacement plans in the HMO or PPO style. This type of plan requires a patient to see only providers listed on the health insurance plan or to pay an increased cost when visiting doctors who are not on the plan.

Pick Out Your Optimal Care Plan Through Aetna Insurance

With options for PPO plans and EPO (exclusive provider organization) plans, Aetna offers plenty of options for members in New York. Use your HSA (health savings account) to cover deductibles and coinsurance, choose a plan that suits your needs. It also provides health insurance for small companies with as few as two employees. Aetna health plans include a large network of hospitals and doctors while providing coverage to over 40 million customers. This health care network is offered through employers and gives higher and lower cost options to benefit employees at every level.

Check Out Cigna HealthCare of New York

Cigna HealthCare plans are offered across the state of New York and provide insurance options that include dental plans, vision plans and group disability or group life insurance plans. Cigna offers flexible website access so that patients are able to find a doctor in their area, check out prescription drug benefits and get quick cost estimates according to their plans. Cigna HealthCare is available through the New York Healthcare Marketplace as well as via employers.

HealthFirst Offers Health Insurance to New Yorkers

This not-for-profit health insurance company is a managed care organization with over a million members in New York alone. Offering health insurance plans for families and individuals, HealthFirst provides a large network of hospitals and doctors, including major medical centers like Mount Sinai and Montefiore. Useful for small businesses along with individuals, Healthfirst has dental plans, vision plans and rewards for adding exercise to your daily health routine. Pick up coverage for acupuncture visits, and use telemedicine visits for free medical services regardless of the time of day or day of the week.