Caravan Insurance for Seniors: 7 Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Photo Courtesy: Nastasic/iStock

A touring caravan is your home away from home. If you’re a senior citizen and own a caravan, you know that it’s essential to have insurance coverage in case something happens. For most people, caravan insurance is a form of investment. Caravan accidents can happen suddenly and cause damage, so it’s crucial to be prepared. Even though insurance can be expensive, it’s worth protecting your investment.

Caravan insurance can be tricky to find, especially if you’re looking for a good deal. We’ll discuss several tips for finding the best deals on caravan insurance.

What Is Caravan Insurance?

Caravan insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for caravan owners. It’s designed to protect the caravan and its contents from damage or theft. Most caravan insurance policies cover accidental damage, fire, theft, vandalism, liability, storms and floods. Some policies may also cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your caravan is damaged in other ways.

While there are many types of caravans, the three main types of caravans are static caravans, touring caravans and motorhomes.

  • Static Caravans: A static caravan is a caravan that is permanently situated on a pitch at a holiday park. Some people who own static caravans use them as holiday homes. Other people do live in them full-time.
  • Touring Caravans: A touring caravan is a caravan that can be towed behind a car or van. Touring caravans are designed for people who enjoy the freedom to take their accommodation with them when they go on holiday.
  • Motorhomes: A motorhome is a vehicle that has been adapted to be used as temporary accommodation. Motorhomes are popular with people who enjoy camping and caravanning, as they provide all the comforts of home while on the road. 

Why Is Caravan Insurance Expensive?

Caravan insurance is a tad more expensive than conventional motor insurance. This is because the structure of caravans is different from vehicles and houses. A minor accident could have significant damage to the caravan. Additionally, caravan thefts are prevalent and are a considerable threat.

According to statistics, caravan thefts rose in 2020 and increased 50% after the lockdown. Although it’s not mandatory to obtain caravan insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Similar to other insurance policies, several factors are considered when determining your insurance estimate, such as the make and model of the caravan, your age, the worth of its contents, where you store your caravan when it’s not in use, the caravan’s security system and where you live.

7 Tips for Finding the Best Caravan Insurance Deals

When choosing a caravan insurance policy, compare different policies to find one that best suits your needs. Make sure to read the policy carefully to know of any exclusions or limitations. Here are some tips for finding the best Caravan insurance deals to save some money.

Add Security Devices

It is advisable to invest in theft-deterrent devices such as ground anchors, trackers, an alarm system, wheel clamps and hitch posts. These extras can help you save money on your insurance premium.

Park Safely

Avoid parking your caravan in areas not designated for caravan storage. Look out for approved and secure locations such as the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association.

When storing your caravan, it’s advisable to remove valuable items such as the awnings or ancillary equipment to prevent theft.

Register Your Caravan

It is prudent to register your caravan ownership with the Central Reservation and Identification Scheme. As a member, it can be easier to track your caravan in case of theft.

Join a Caravan Club

Signing up to a caravanning club can potentially give you insurance premium discounts. Famous caravanning clubs in the UK are the Motorhome Club and Caravanning Club. If you happen to be a different club member, you should mention it. Chances are it may qualify you for a discount.

Include Safety Equipment

As you maneuver different terrain, a flat tire is very much expected. This is why it is a good idea to fit your caravan wheels with Tyron bands. These bands allow the driver to move to a safe place in case of a flat tire. This prevents injuries and further damage. 

Driving Courses

It is also wise to complete a course in defensive driving or an official caravan towing course. A completed course demonstrates your ability to maneuver and avoid unnecessary damage.

Public Insurance Liability

Adding public insurance liability to your policy can help cover third-party costs in damage cases. For instance, if you unintentionally damage another car while parking, public insurance liability caters for the damage costs. This is common for fifth-wheel insurance policies.