Do I Get a Full Refund If I Cancel My Airbnb Rental?

Photo Courtesy: Sandra Seitamaa/Unsplash

Airbnb is a popular brokerage site that matches travelers with hosts and lodging options in locations all throughout the world. As anyone who travels for business or pleasure knows, plans don't always work out the way you expect them to. For this reason, many travelers find themselves wondering if Airbnb offers refunds if they cancel their stays. The short answer is that you may receive a refund, depending on a few circumstances.

Airbnb hosts can choose between a number of cancellation policies set up by Airbnb, ranging from "Flexible" to "Super Strict." Each one takes into consideration qualifiers such as how far in advance you cancel. Airbnb also has a policy for extenuating circumstances, which includes the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.