How to Find Anthem Blue Cross Providers

To get the most from your health insurance, you need to make sure that your see providers who are in the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield network. Here are the steps you need to take to find providers that accept Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance.

Go to the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Webpage

The official website for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has a plethora of resources to help you understand more about your health insurance policy. One of the sections on the page is entirely devoted to helping subscribers locate medical providers who accept their insurance plan. This section receive regular updates to add new providers who have decided to accept Anthem insurance. These updates also remove medical officers who have decided not to extend their relationship with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Have Your Plan Information Nearby

To assist with locating providers, have the details regarding your health insurance policy on hand. Ideally, you should have your insurance card so that you can locate your plan’s identification number quickly . If your card isn’t accessible, make sure that you know what type of plan you have.

A phone call to Anthem’s customer service can provide you with more information about your policy if you don’t have access to any of your documents.

Search for a Doctor Via the Website

Once you have your policy info, you can start searching for a doctor who is in-network. You’ll need to decide what type of medical provider you’re hoping to find. For example, you might need to look for a general practitioner, specialist, hospital or pharmacy.

Call Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you don’t have access to the Anthem website, another option is to call the customer service line. The agent can help you locate an in-network provider that offers the services you’re searching for.

Some subscribers prefer a paper directory of all the providers in the plan. You can ask Anthem if they have a written directory available that they can mail to you. Be aware that this option won’t be as up-to-date as the online search tool.

Understand the Consequences of Using an Out-of-Network Provider

Always confirm that a provider is in-network before scheduling an appointment or receiving services. Using an in-network provider is one of the most effective options to keep your medical costs under control.


An in-network provider is an entity that your insurance company has negotiated a specified rate or discount with, even if the entity’s normal rate is higher than the agreed upon or discounted rate. Your insurance company will pay for an out-of-network provider. However, because the out-of-network provider hasn’t agreed to the discounted rate, your portion is usually higher.

For example, assume that a doctor charges $200 for a standard sick visit. Since the doctor’s office is in-network, it discounts the price of the visit to $100. Your plan covers $75 of the visit’s remaining cost, leaving you to pay the remaining $25.

Assume an out-of-network doctor also charges $200, however, there is no discount on this price. Your insurance still covers $75 of the cost, but this leaves you on-the-hook for $125 due to the lack of discount.