How to Get Insurance for Your Tractor

A tractor is often a large investment. Protecting your investment starts with getting a tractor insurance policy. Keep reading to learn how tractor insurance works and how you can get a policy.

What Is Tractor Insurance?

The type of tractor you have will determine which tractor insurance policy is best to purchase. Tractor insurance is of the utmost importance because tractor accidents are very common. They are the leading cause of death on farms in the United States. With tractor insurance, you can rest easy knowing you will receive compensation if the tractor is damaged or part of an accident. It also provides coverage for injuries sustained by a tractor accident. The level of compensation depends on the exact coverage you have.

Who Sells Tractor Insurance?

Many insurance agencies sell tractor insurance. Speak with your current homeowner’s insurance agent to see if tractor insurance is available. You may qualify for a discount on a tractor policy if you bundle the policies with the same insurance carrier. If your current carrier doesn’t offer tractor insurance, you can perform a simple internet search to find both local and national carriers.

What to Look for in Tractor Insurance?

It’s important to obtain coverage for your tractor as soon as possible. Also important is to have a clear understanding of the tractor and its various features. This ensures when something goes wrong, you can pinpoint the issue easily and communicate it with your insurance agent. Furthermore, look for a policy through a carrier that offers 24/7 customer support. You never know when you might need to file a claim or have a question about your coverage. Having access to an agent through your carrier at all times of the day and night will prove of the utmost value. If you’re using the tractor as part of a large agricultural operation, you may need to obtain tractor insurance through your farm insurance plan.

Comparing Tractor Insurance Quotes

Always compare tractor insurance quotes from at least five different carriers, and make sure to choose a policy that can be customized to meet your exact needs. This is key to finding an affordable policy that provides adequate coverage.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Your Tractor?

If you use the tractor sparingly and only for personal purposes, such as solely in your own backyard, you may be able to add the tractor to your homeowner’s policy. Contact your current homeowner’s insurance provider and ask whether your tractor qualifies for coverage under your policy. Some insurance providers have horsepower restrictions in place, meaning if the tractor exceeds a certain number of horsepower, it won’t qualify for coverage under your homeowner’s policy.