How to Find a Trustworthy Insurance Agent


Shopping around for a trustworthy insurance agent means more than looking for one that will sell you a new policy. You could need different coverage because you’re moving, getting married, having a baby, or your teen is a new driver. No matter the reason, working with someone who has experience and expertise is critical when looking for a trustworthy insurance agent. Here are a few steps you should follow when looking for an insurance agent that’s right for you.

Seek Word-of-Mouth Referrals from Those You Trust

One of the best ways to find a trustworthy insurance agent is from referrals. When you ask friends you trust, as well as family members, for referrals, they’ll provide you with insurance leads for agents. In doing so, you’ll likely be put in touch with agents who offer excellent customer service, those who are knowledgeable, and those who have skills regarding handling claims. These referrals may also come from those who experience good rate coverage and annual reviews. You can use these referrals as your first personal reference for the agent. When interviewing them, be sure to ask for more references.

Conduct Internet Research

Use search tools, like an insurance agent locator, for example, to conduct Internet research for a trustworthy insurance agent. These search results will yield results for various agents based on your need. If you need a licensed health insurance agent or would like to search for auto owners insurance agents, you can filter the search criteria accordingly. Many of these results will produce names for independent agent insurance companies, as well as larger companies like Safeco insurance agents and Metlife insurance agents, for example. When you’re looking online, find any customer reviews that indicate how the insurance agents conduct themselves or any complaints that may be available.

Hold Face-to-Face Interviews

When you’re having concerns about who you can trust, holding face-to-face interviews is the best way to handle the situation. You can ask them about the life insurance agent test they had to take, if they’re qualified Medicare insurance agents, if they’re qualified FEMA flood insurance agents, and for them to provide insurance agent quotes. For those who are moving, this could pose as more of a challenge. For example, if you’re looking for Utah insurance agents or a Texas insurance agent, you could ask for a phone interview. These agents may also be willing to use technology to help you make your decision. For example, if you’re moving to Georgia or New Jersey and are looking for a GA insurance agent or insurance agents in NJ, these agents may be willing to have a video conference with you to conduct the interview.