What to Know About MetLife Insurance

Your particular insurance needs are unique to your specific situation and determined by your age, family ties, occupation and more. MetLife Insurance seeks to meet you where you are in your life, providing the protection you need to feel safe and secure.

The Many Facets of MetLife

MetLife dates back to 1868 when the company first began providing financial protection for Americans. MetLife offers a variety of insurance products, including dental insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, accident and health insurance, vision insurance and disability insurance. If you have insurance needs that fall outside of the traditional, you can even find legal plans and pet insurance offered by MetLife. Employers who want to provide benefits for employees can also find comprehensive plans to fit a variety of needs.

MetLife Dentist Insurance

MetLife dental insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for the typical dental visits as well as those unexpected issues that can happen. The participating dental network includes more than 400,000 providers, so you won’t have a problem finding a dentist. MetLife negotiates fees with dentists, so right away you’ll notice that it costs up to 45 percent less for your dental visits. What’s more, most cleanings and examinations are covered 100 percent.

You can choose a preferred provider organization plan to visit any licensed dentist in or out of the MetLife network. You’ll enjoy the lack of paperwork involved with this plan.

The managed care plans are available in some states for some employees. These plans include coverage for a dentist you select when you enroll. With no deductibles and no paperwork, these plans are often a great fit.

MetLife Vision

MetLife vision insurance is designed to protect the vision health of individuals and families. The MetLife Vision PPO (preferred provider organization) offers standard benefits including routine exams, glasses and contacts. You can also save on laser vision correction and non-prescription sunglasses. Choose from participating providers or any other licensed professional.

MetLife Vision Access is a special program offered to employees belonging to participating groups. You’ll receive discounts on services, and your whole family is eligible for protection.

Metlife Home Insurance

Make sure your apartment, condominium or house is protected with MetLife home insurance. Homeowners’ insurance will protect your house and property from weather, fire, vandalism and theft. MetLife also provides 24/7 claim service.

Condo insurance is fully customizable, including replacement costs in full. You are also covered for condo association assessments and liabilities. Renters’ insurance includes both basic and specialty packages to fit your needs. Bonus coverage is also available to cover loss and breakage of valuables.

MetLife Life Insurance

MetLife offers both term life and permanent life insurance coverage. The term life policies are available for employees, offering affordable financial protection during the working years. Permanent life insurance is also offered to employees, but this coverage extends throughout your entire life with tax-free death benefits and the accrual of cash value that you can utilize if necessary.