Which Dental Insurance Is the Best?

Finding the best dental insurance can mean the difference between paying thousands of dollars out of pocket or getting a lot of your treatment covered. The best dental coverage depends on the type of treatment being offered. The following are some of the available options.

Delta Dental Is Great for Families on a Budget

What’s notable about Delta Dental is that it’s ideal for families who are dedicated to sticking to a budget. They offer plans that come with scheduled services charts that list out the fees for all services up front. There’s also a list of co-pay amounts for each procedure that’s covered. This helps you plan out your costs.

Humana Dental Insurance Is Ideal for People Looking for Discounts

Humana is one of the biggest dental insurers in the United States. As such, the company is well-known for offering all sorts of discounts, including special ones for those that combine dental and vision coverage, special discounts for veterans and so on. You can save a ton of money if you get your prescription through in-network pharmacies, you can score discounts on your glasses, and you can also get discounts on things like hearing exams and holistic medicine.

Ameritas Dental Is Suitable for Those Seeking Rewards

Ameritas Dental has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and it’s available to residents of all 50 states. Its rewards program is second to none, and it’s available to all policyholders who put in at least one dental claim each year. You get an additional preferred provider organization (PPO) bonus if you qualify for the rewards and see a dentist that’s within the network. Rewards and bonuses cap out at $2,000 in your first year of coverage and increase to $2,900 by the fifth year.

Cigna Dental Is Best for Global Coverage

Cigna Dental is great for people who travel to various destinations around the world. It has a huge, global network of more than 70,000 dentists, making it easy for you to see a dentist even when you’re holidaying in Paris or takings in some sun in the Caribbean. You can also get a preventive care option with Cigna Dental, which covers 100 percent of preventive care.

United Healthcare Is Great for Family Plans

United Healthcare has very good comprehensive coverage for families. Individual deductibles can be had for as low as $50, and if you have a family that has more than three members, you’ll never be hit with a family deductible payment. The company has a wide selection of plans available that differ depending on how many people are in your family and what kind of copay you’re looking for.