Top 10 Co-working Spaces in San Francisco

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Co-working spaces have become quite popular over the years, especially for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup businesses. Instead of trying to work from home, which can be distracting and isolating, they have the chance to pay for a desk at an open space with other people. Often, these co-working spaces also have amenities that can be worth the price.

Because every co-working space has its own vibe and community, it is also easy to make connections with others, if they so choose. Spaces also can provide various resources and events that actually help businesspeople thrive in their work. So it’s no surprise that people are flocking to different co-working spaces in their city. 

Best Co-working Spaces in San Francisco

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With its vibrant culture and amazing views, San Francisco is an incredible city to work in. It is also home to different tech startups and creative ventures, so co-working spaces are a norm. Many times, these spaces are in the middle of thriving neighborhoods where clients can dine, shop, and even go on nice walks during breaks in the workday. 

Here are some of the best co-working spaces in San Francisco, their amenities, and how much they cost to work there. 


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Located on Mission Street in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood, co-working space Trellis replaced  Covo San Francisco, which had to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. The co-working space offers various amenities, including conference rooms, a café and wine bar, and private offices. Plus, it’s right in the heart of the city. 

An open seating pass at Trellis can run you at least $440 per month. However, with Trellis, you don’t have to pay monthly or annually for a desk. You can purchase hourly time at a desk for just $5 an hour, which isn’t bad if you want a short break from working from home. Trellis even gives you a free day to try out the space.


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Another top co-working space in San Francisco is Galvanize. Also located in the SOMA neighborhood, the space has a whopping five levels of creators and learners, many of whom are dedicated to tech. Along with other business amenities, Galvanize offers a national mentor network, coding boot camps, and a wellness room. The campus is also dog-friendly!

Galvanize’s open seating starts at $350 a month, while a dedicated desk is $550 a month. The space also offers a free week of co-working to try out the space. 

The Vault

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Located in the historic Jackson Square of San Fran, The Vault has found its home in the original Ghirardelli chocolate factory built-in 1854. The co-working space has unique amenities like the Vintage Library and the historic Speakeasy Lobby featuring an upscale bar.

In addition to various equipment and office space, The Vault also offers cold beer on tap, an exercise room, guided meditation and yoga, and catered Lunch and Learn sessions in addition to various equipment and office space. Currently, The Vault requires an application for membership, so you have to contact the space for direct pricing.  

Workshop Café

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Workshop Café has two locations in San Francisco. Workshop Café FiDi is a vibrant, art-tech venue that is just a 10-minute walk from Union Square. Then there is Workshop Café SoMa, which is less than a 5-min walk from the SF Ferry Building. With both of these spaces, you are right in the heart of the city. 

As its name suggests, the co-working space does have a full café with entrees and drinks that will be perfect at lunchtime. The shared space can be pretty busy, which opens the door for the collaboration of like-minded individuals. With the Workshop Café app, you can get a seat for as low as $3 an hour! However, private spaces are available starting at $15 an hour if you want to work more quietly.

The Hivery

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The Hivery is a gorgeous space located at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, nestled between the Maritime National Historic Park and the Marina Green waterfront park. The co-working space is focused on helping women entrepreneurs, writers, and creatives to create a business (and overall life) that is impactful and meaningful to them. 

The space offers live training and digital courses to help launch and scale businesses. As a part of the circle, you will also be able to connect with other women to get support on your journey. The Hivery offers membership at $47 a month or $450 annually.   


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Anchor is a two-floor co-working space centrally located on Market Street and Van Ness in San Francisco. The space welcomes workers across various fields, has several conference rooms and lounges, weekly happy hours, and even a foosball table if you want to challenge someone to a game. There is also a media room, breakout spaces, and private call rooms if needed. 

The co-working space boasts more affordable rates than others on this list. It offers a day pass for $20 if you just need a break away from your typical workspace. You can get a floating desk for $250 a month or a dedicated desk for $350 a month. 


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Also located in the SOMA neighborhood, Werqwise San Francisco is near the Yerba Buena Gardens and is less than half a mile from the BART Montgomery Station. With its location, you can easily enjoy a lunchtime stroll in a park or a variety of dining and beverage options when you step outside. 

Werqwise also offers 24/7 access to the building, courier services, various conference rooms, and event space, among other business amenities. The co-working space has a flat rate of $380 for a shared space (desks, sofas, chairs), or you can have your own dedicated desk for $490 a month. 

Runway Innovation Hub

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Runway Innovation Hub, located on Spear Street in San Fran, is a bright, renovated co-working space that is home to different tech startups and workers. The space offers regular perks like snacks, happy hours, software credits, and tools to help with conducting business for their clients. They also provide virtual office memberships and innovation consulting services).

Currently, an open desk is available at $335 a month (or $233/mo yearly). A dedicated desk at Runway starts at $515 a month (or $337/mo yearly).


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Bespoke is another awesome spot for tech workers that focuses on inspiration and innovation. Located inside the 9-story Westfield San Francisco Centre, Bespoke gives workers the chance to shop and dine right outside of the office. Other amenities include 24/7 access to the space, bike storage, community events, and a private room for moms. Plus, it’s pet-friendly!

Weekly access to Bespoke starts at $50 an hour. You can get a shared desk at a monthly rate of $416, and dedicated desks are available for $644 a month. 

The Center for New Music

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A co-working space of sorts for musicians, the Center for New Music is a place that fosters collaboration and creativity in the arts. Musical composers, performers, producers, teachers, students, and more can come together to rehearse and work on new projects or even put on a show or workshop for $100 a year.

There is a small, separate co-working space at a more affordable price starting at $125 a month (for shared desks) with access to free Wi-Fi and conference room space. However, the biggest pro is being invited to member events and other discounts and perks that the center provides its members.

How to Choose the Best Co-working Space for Your Needs

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Whatever co-working space you choose, you want to make sure you pick a place that works best for you. There are certain things to consider before you sign up for a desk. Of course, you want to think about the monthly or annual cost and how that fits into your budget. You also want to consider the location of the space and how long it will take for you to commute there each day (and parking options if you drive!). The level of security and internet connection are also things to think about.

Another thing to look at when choosing a co-working space is the working environment. Even things like lighting and temperature can throw you off your working game. Is there a lot of chatter because of other people working close by? Will you be able to focus and be productive? Also, when exploring different spaces, check out the various working equipment and amenities they offer (snacks and coffee, gyms, daycare centers, etc.). Those amenities can make a huge difference to your workday and be worth the price you would pay.