The Best Trading Software You Can Get for Free

Trading software, also called charting software, is a key tool used by day traders, and there are some effective free versions. Using the software requires being able to interpret the data that comes up on your screen, according to Investopedia.


TD Ameritrade’s ThinkorSwim trading platform offers a way you can set up and open an account without depositing any money, according to Bulls on Wall Street. When you open the Ameritrade account, you gain access to the ThinkorSwim trading software. So, while you do have to open an account to be able to use this charting software, it doesn’t cost you anything to get the information you’re seeking. The program includes live quotes, a chance to examine all the stock market indicators tracked by this Ameritrade software, and there’s also a news terminal that provides extra information on any stocks you bring up.


The Tradingview trading platform software delivers live stock market quotes and also provide live quotes for other markets, according to Bulls on Wall Street. Bond, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange (forex) and futures market quotes also come up in the Tradingview software. A free Tradingview account gives you access to live quotes and the charting software, which is more than you typically can get with a free trade software account. Each user can set up the layout of market indicators for quick access to needed information, and you can participate in the Tradingview community to learn more about the stock market as part of the free account.


The free Technician trading software program lets you see real-time charts for the equity markets in the United States and delayed data from other exchanges around the world. The futures and index statistics are available in delayed time, but the forex charts do come up in real-time for instant access to the latest information. If you want to trade from within the platform, there are some brokerages that are set up to link with the Technician software, which allows for trading through the Technician software. The free Technician market trading software gives you access to a variety of drawing tools, more than 100 market indicators and 13 types of charts.

Complimentary Trading Software

A lot of companies offer a complimentary version of their trading software, according to Investopedia. However, sometimes to access the premium features of the charting software, there may be an extra charge.


One of the key factors to base a decision on using free software for trading is the functionality you need, according to Investopedia. If you start exploring free trading software, you find a lot of information available at no charge, but sometimes you may need the more complete, paid version of the software to achieve your trading goals.