Which Companies Offer Work from Home Jobs?

Photo Courtesy: Jessie Casson/DigitalVision/Getty Images

These days, technology gives many people the amazing ability to work from home — a perk that proved to be even more crucial than ever before during the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenging worldwide traumas aside, telecommuting has always been an environmentally friendly option that has gone largely unused — until 2020. It keeps cars off the roads, and it gives employees more freedom and flexibility to do their jobs, increasing their productivity and job satisfaction.

Many jobs now allow employees to work from home for all or part of the work week, but if you're interested in a job that always lets you work from home without worrying about resuming an office routine someday, you're in luck. To find the right work-from-home job, make sure you're applying for jobs with legitimate companies, rather than companies promoting questionable methods they claim will make you rich. When you’re ready to take a serious look, start with some of the most reputable companies that offer legitimate work-from-home jobs.