How to Buy Blue-Chip Stocks: Your Complete Guide

Photo Courtesy: Westend61/Getty Images

When you're first getting started in your investing journey, you'll realize there's a lot to learn about. That's why you might decide to start that journey in one of the most common (and popular) ways: by purchasing stocks. But until you get a good handle on how the stock market works and what it feels like to see your stocks soar and dip in value, you may be slightly apprehensive about taking risks with your money. Almost all types of investments come with some level of risk — but there can be ways to mitigate those risks. When it comes to stocks, you might opt to purchase lower-risk blue-chip stocks as you work to build more confidence in your investing skills.

Blue-chip stocks can be ideal for beginning investors, but they do have their fair share of downsides you'll want to consider before you call your broker or open your favorite trading app. To get started, take a closer look at blue-chip stocks, including what they are and whether they're an ideal choice for your investment style and goals.