How to Invest With Fidelity

According to Money Under 30, Fidelity opened its doors in 1946, and today, it’s one of the largest investment brokerages in the world. New investors can use the company’s services ranging from self-direct tools to portfolio management. Here’s how you can get started investing with Fidelity.

Know What You Want

Before you even get started investing, Fidelity itself recommends having a broad concept of what you want to do. This includes assessing your current finances and how much you could afford to lose as well as how long you can stay invested. Do you have decades left to earn money, or are you already approaching your senior years and just want something to supplement your retirement? You can then start planning how you want to allocate your assets between stocks, bonds and other investments. Knowing how to divide your money can be just as important as deciding what you want to invest in, and a financial advisor can help make these recommendations once you have a better idea of your goals.

Open an Account

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, you can start the process by opening an account with Fidelity. It only takes minutes to do it, and it doesn’t require any money upfront. However, you have dozens of options to choose from. Some popular accounts options involve saving for retirement, saving for education, accounts managed by Fidelity and basic investing and trading accounts. You’ll need some identifying information, employment information, contact information, bank account numbers if you want to transfer money and beneficiary information.

Visit the Planning and Guidance Center

Once you open an account, you may opt to visit Fidelity’s planning and guidance center to get a better idea of what to do next. This is a self-guided tool for account holders who want to figure out the specifics of their financial plans. It can help you set goals, create a strategy and make changes to your plan along the way when life happens. The tool allows you to figure it all out at your own pace.

Contact Fidelity

If you need more guidance, you can always contact Fidelity via chat, email, phone or in person. The company’s trained staff members can help you with everything from setting up your account to providing one-on-one guidance regarding your investments. If you want help with managing your investments, you can opt to use Fidelity Go, the company’s digital advisor, or you can work with a human advisor through the company’s wealth management services.

Manage Your Account

Once you’re signed up and have started investing, you have several options for staying on top of your own account. Of course, you can log in at and see what’s happening to your investments in real time. You can also use the Fidelity app that’s available for Android, iOS and Amazon mobile devices. Use it to monitor your portfolio, make trades and even receive special alerts.