How Do You Find the Best Deals on Home Broadband?

Photo Courtesy: John Lamb/The Image Bank/Getty Images

People in the ‘90s probably never dreamed that those early days of America Online dial-up modem connections — we waited minutes! — would turn into the modern-day internet we've grown to depend on almost as much as breathing. Whether broadband serves as a lifeline as we work from home, gives us the power to stream all our favorite movies and television shows, or just keeps us connected with friends and family via social media, it’s a mainstream technology that most of us simply refuse to live without.

The problem, of course, is the major providers of broadband service know how badly we need it — or at least want it — and they make a fortune charging us outrageous prices for our high-speed connections. Fortunately, it’s often possible to find some good deals on service if you’re willing to shop around. Broadband deals change frequently, and some companies offer better promotional packages than others, but there are a few key approaches you can take to help you find the best deals on home broadband.