How Can You Find Land Auctions Near You?

Photo Courtesy: manusapon kasosod/Moment/Getty Images

Are you in the market for the perfect piece of land to build your new home or business? Or maybe you just want to own a quiet stretch of woods for future camping and hunting adventures? Regardless of why you want to purchase land, you have several options for finding and buying it. 

The most common way to tackle land purchases is to consult with a real estate agency to find available plots of land. Your agent would make offers and negotiate deals for you and act as your advisor throughout the buying process. This approach has some obvious advantages, but it also has a major drawback — higher cost. Although realtors are often master negotiators, all the money they save you on the price could very well go right into their own pockets in the form of fat commissions and fees.

If you want to lock in the best deal possible on your purchase, finding a land auction in your area could be a much better plan of action. Buying land directly at an auction has several benefits, including allowing you to avoid paying high realtor commissions. Additionally, auctions sometimes include plots of land that have been repossessed by lenders, seized by government agencies or pulled from the regular market due to failure to sell — all situations that usually lead to big savings on the final sale price.

The potential for great savings on a land purchase is more than a little tempting, so if you don’t know how to find land auctions near you, it’s time to figure it out. Check out these tips to get you started.