How Can You Find the Value of a Used Mobile Home?

Photo Courtesy: Marje/E+/Getty Images

Modern housing comes in many forms, ranging from tiny studio apartments to sprawling multi-level homes. First popularized in the 1940s when the government set up mobile home parks near manufacturing plants to house workers, mobile homes have transitioned through many phases over the years. Today, you can find mobile home communities filled with small, economical models as well as lavish models that are larger than many traditional homes.

Whether you're looking for a used mobile home to use as housing for a vacation getaway or for permanent housing for your family, it’s not usually hard to find options in any state in the U.S. Just as you would with any other type of housing, you want to learn about the market in your area to make sure you pay a fair price for a used mobile home. Let’s take a look at some tips and resources you can take advantage of when looking for mobile home prices.