How to Track a Money Order

When you make a payment with a money order, you may wonder whether the recipient received your payment. Tracking a money order is possible, but you’ll need to do it within the system provided for the money order you purchased. Be ready to pay a potential fee too.

Contact the Money Order Recipient

The easiest way to track a money order is to contact the recipient of the money order to see if it was received. This direct contact method doesn’t involve fees or tracking numbers, so it’s the simplest way to make sure your money got where you intended it to go.

You may have to be patient. If your recipient hasn’t received the money order within two weeks of the date you sent it, consider canceling it at that time.

Western Union Money Orders

Keep your Western Union receipt so you have the information you’ll need about your money order to track it. Visit Western Union’s website, and enter the 10-digit tracking number into the tracking tool.

If you don’t know these details, you can submit a money order research request, but this service is not free. Western Union has a toll-free phone number you can call to find out if your money order has been cashed.

United States Postal Service Money Orders

The United States Postal Service enables purchasers to inquire about the status of money orders. You can submit an inquiry on the USPS website. Keep your receipt, because you’ll need to know the amount of the money order, the money order tracking number and additional details contained on your receipt. You’ll pay a fee to submit each inquiry, and it takes at least 30 days to get results.

MoneyGram Money Orders

MoneyGram has a toll-free number you can call if you want to know if a money order was cashed. Provide the amount and the money order number into the automated response line. MoneyGram will tell you instantly whether the money order has been cashed.

You can also complete a claim card if you need a copy of the cashed money order. You’ll pay a fee, and you’ll need to wait a minimum of 15 days to receive your copy via mail.

Money Orders from Other Issuers

If you purchased a money order from your bank or credit union, call the institution to track the money order. Be ready with the amount, date and number of the money order to initiate the inquiry. You may be able to get information over the phone, or you might have to complete and submit a form.