Investment Accounts for Kids: Key Ways to Save Money for Your Child's Future

Photo Courtesy: Images by Tang Ming Tung/Getty Images

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to give your child a great life — today and well into the future. One helpful way to create a brighter, more secure tomorrow for your child is to open an investment account for them. As they grow, so too can the money you’ve put into the account, leaving them with money they can use to fund their educational dreams or head off into the adult world on more stable financial footing.

It’s never too late to start investing on your child’s behalf, and there’s a variety of investment accounts and other financial products you can choose from to start working towards these savings goals. Some can even help you teach your child financial literacy in the process. Before you head off to the bank, learn more about your options — including several different types of accounts and how they work — so you can start planning for the future.