What Are Micro Futures Contracts?

Photo Courtesy: Kanok Sulaiman/Getty Images

Like having options? Gone are the days of trading simple, singular stocks. Within the world of the stock market, there's now a variety of ways to go about investing — and there are plenty to suit investors of all skill levels, too. You can purchase things like stocks, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds or go a different route by trading something called futures.

Futures can be a bit intimidating to the new investor, not just because of their name — but also because many of them have become incredibly expensive to trade, and that’s understandably off-putting for a lot of beginners. That's why CEM Group recently introduced something called micro futures and E-micro futures. These types of financial contracts are surprisingly easy to understand, and they can present a more affordable entry option for investors who are new to trading on the futures market. Here’s what you need to know.