9 Rare Beanie Babies With Incredible Value Today

AMG | Photo Courtesy: eBay

H. Ty Warner, the creator of the Beanie Baby and founder of Ty, Inc., became a billionaire in the 1990s due to the public's sheer fascination with his lineup of plush toys. The first Beanie Babies to hit shelves — a dog, a bear and a pig — were released in 1993. So, what set them apart from other plush toys? Each one came with a birthdate, poem and name inscribed on the brand's signature red, heart-shaped tag. 

Something about these toys struck a chord with both kids and collectors alike. By the mid-90s, the Beanie Baby craze was in full effect. Now, over 25 years later, the company has made over 2,000 different types of Beanie Babies — and some of them are worth a great deal of money even now.