15 Helpful Financial Aid Grants for Single Mothers

Photo Courtesy: [MoMo Productions/Getty Images]

Deciding to attend college is a big step emotionally, professionally and financially, and figuring out how to afford this investment in your future can take more than its fair share of careful planning. If you’re a single mom who’s applying for (or already attending) college, it’s helpful to know that there are ample resources available to help you afford tuition and other costs associated with higher education. These include federal, state and college-specific grants, along with grant programs funded by advocacy groups, and they’re available for single mothers from all walks of life.

Different grants can have different eligibility requirements, application processes and deadlines, so it’s important to do ample research before you begin applying. To help you get started in the process and learn some helpful details, we’ve rounded up a selection of grants geared towards single mothers available from a variety of institutions, agencies and organizations.