Government Grants Available for Public Schools

Does your school need funding for new initiatives or technology? If so, you’re in good company. Public schools consistently need funding for many initiatives, including technology upgrades, building repair, playground equipment and more due to budgets. Here are guidelines for determining how to find government grants available for public schools.

Reading Readiness Grants

Students benefit in many ways from grants that support reading programs. Not only do they help students who are already excelling with literacy but they also assist those who need extra help scholastically. Public schools can apply for government grants for reading programs to help all students. Such programs, like Reading Counts!, for example, help students advance and stay caught up with their peers. The grant funding for schools helps public schools obtain the materials they need to help students with literacy programs and other initiatives. These programs a positive addition to a classroom curriculum because students have opportunities to embrace a love for reading, and have exposure to books or other literacy materials they may not have otherwise.

Equipment Grants for Schools

Historic public schools are known for their beautiful architecture, the scores of alumni photographs on their walls and beautiful athletic trophies adorning their cases. However, after time, they can become worn down and in need of repair. It isn’t uncommon for schools to have outdated and unsafe equipment and have tight budgets. If your school is in this position, there are solutions. There are government grants available to help public schools fund updates and restore them to their original beauty. Often, the first step is finding playground grants for schools, so children have a safe place to play. There are many incredible resources for playground equipment that make playgrounds a lively place for children to engage, have fun, and get exercise throughout the day. The next step is ensuring the rest of the school’s equipment, like what they use in the gym, for example, is up-to-date. If it isn’t, then it’s necessary to obtain government grants for school gym equipment as well. That way, children have opportunities to engage in fun activities while participating in phys-ed and other sporting events.

Chromebook Grants for Schools

More and more public schools are entering the age of technology — and for good reason. When students use tablets, laptops and other devices, it affords them the opportunity to engage in a whole new kind of educational experience. If your school hasn’t embraced this yet, it’s an excellent time to begin with the use of Chromebooks. Obtaining Chromebook grants for schools help students in a myriad of ways. Not only do they have the opportunity to stay up to par with the rest of their peers technologically but they’ll also have education literally at their fingertips. Chromebooks aid with classroom teaching, homework, assignment management, paperwork reduction and the reduction of textbook costs. When budgetary costs are a factor, the use of technology is an excellent way to help reduce them because there’s no need for worksheets, textbooks, or many of the other classroom materials that are costly.

School Lunch Grants

Supporting nutrition initiatives is growing in popularity across the country in public schools. One of the most significant ways public schools can participate in providing healthy food to their students is through their free lunch program. Therefore, it’s possible for public schools to participate in grant programs. In doing so, it allows parents to apply for school lunch free. These grants allow public schools enough funding to provide free breakfast and snack programs, as well.

Environmental-Friendly Upgrades

Does your public school have an interest in participating in environmentally-friendly upgrades? These upgrades are growing in popularity across the United States. Not only are they an eco-friendly way of updating schools but they’re also a way of creating cost-effective features. If the public school you’re working in would like to make environmental-friendly upgrades to its structures, you’ll need to seek funding opportunities. The funding for school projects such as these could come in the form of government grants, private donor contributions, and fundraising efforts. Upgrades could include the installation of solar panels, filters on drinking water fountains, and energy-efficient window installation.