How to File a Home Warranty Claim

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If you’re spending up to $1,425 per year or more on a home warranty, ensuring you can use it when the need arises is essential. Otherwise, you could end up spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to handle the repairs or replacements yourself. After all, replacing a refrigerator could run between $500 and $12,000, so who wouldn’t prefer to use their home warranty coverage instead of paying out of pocket?

By knowing how to file a home warranty claim, you’re able to get the service you need quickly, efficiently, and affordably. If you need to file a home warranty claim, here’s an overview of the steps you’ll typically need to take.

Verifying Coverage

Before you contact your home warranty provider, it’s best to verify your coverage. Check to make sure that the home system or appliance is listed in your service contract. Additionally, see if there are any limits, and confirm the required fees you’ll need to pay.

It’s also wise to look at any caveats regarding the overall condition of your appliances or home systems before the failure. Many home warranties have rules regarding whether the system or appliance was previously functioning properly. If there’s a history of issues, particularly before you secured your plan, it’s possible the system or appliance is excluded.

Contacting the Warranty Company

Once you confirm that your coverage includes the appliance or system that failed, it’s time to contact your home warranty company. Usually, you can reach out by phone or through an online form after logging into your account on the company’s website.

When you contact the home warranty provider, you’ll need to provide information about your request. Let them know what appliance or system is affected and the nature of the issue. Additionally, conduct any troubleshooting they recommend, as the customer service rep may have information that can guide you through fixing the problem.

If the issue isn’t resolved through the troubleshooting process, your claim advances. Then, you can begin the claim process and prepare for a technician’s arrival.

Scheduling Service

Usually, the warranty company will schedule an appointment as soon as it reviews your claim request. While the wait times can vary by provider, many will send a technician within two business days.

When the technician arrives, they’ll first focus on identifying the core issue and determining if a repair or replacement is the best route for satisfying the claim. For minor issues, the technician may be able to fix the problem immediately. If the situation is more severe, a follow-up appointment is typically scheduled to ensure the work is handled promptly.

Paying Non-Covered Expenses

When a technician comes to your house, you’ll typically owe a service fee. The exact amount depends on your service contract, so look there or ask the company during the initial call what’s owed for the work.

At times, you may have repair expenses you’ll handle that aren’t covered by your home warranty. In most cases, those costs are paid to the home warranty provider, not directly to the technician. Often, making payments through your online portal is an option, and that’s typically the fastest way to address those expenses.

Again, information about what’s covered is in the service agreement. However, the technician that initially examines the situation can also potentially let you know if there is uncovered work involved in the repair, allowing you to plan accordingly.