How to Find Elder Care Grants

No one likes to think about their aging loved one needing care. However, this becomes a reality for many families. When budgets are tight, it also becomes a necessity to find grants. Fortunately, these guidelines will show you how to find elder care grants to help relieve some stress.

Grants Through the NFCSP

According to the Administration for Community Living, the NFCSP (National Family Caregiver Support Program) is in place to provide grants to states throughout the country to help families supporting their aging loved ones with in-home care. These grants also help informal caregivers, as well. These grants fund those who are over the age of 70 who would like to age in place and need services.

AARP Foundation

When families visit the AARP Foundation’s website, they’ll find information about a grantmaking program they offer for elderly adults allowing them to age in place. The foundation works in partnership with a myriad of organizations toward identifying the best possible grants throughout the country to help bring more resources to the aging community. One such initiative was a community grant funding program whereby the AARP Foundation worked in partnership with Habitat with Humanity between 2015 and 2017 to ensure aging adults could age in place.

Accessible Homes for Seniors Program

The state of Maryland offers elder care grants that help elderly adults continue aging in place and need financial assistance. The program initially launched as one that provided low-interest or no interest loans to the aging community who needed home renovations or modifications. However, the program recently expanded to include grantmaking for those who could not qualify for loans. Those who are aged 55 or older and need home improvements in the state of Maryland can receive assistance. These modifications include widening doorways, as well as the installation of ramps, grab bars, railings and other modifications that assist with aging adults.

Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability

According to the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAS), grants must be supplied to seniors based on four areas of need. These include affordable housing, dental care, legal assistance and transportation. In an effort to ensure the elderly community in the state of Tennessee can age in place, home modifications are available through grants Tennessee in partnership with Habitat with Humanity of Greater Memphis. Seniors also have access to home modifications through the Westminster Home Connection.

Archstone Foundation

Initially launching in 1997 in the state of California, this grant program began with four village and 10 projects in all. According to their website, today the grants are funding a total of nine elder care villages, as well as a number of other sustainability and viability initiatives. When you visit their website, you can learn about their funding strategies, priorities and development goals. There’s a grants database tool, also, allowing you to search current and past grants.