How Can I Find My PAN Number?

PAN stands for Personal Access Number and, as soon as an account is opened, you receive a letter or electronic statements containing this number. It isn’t uncommon for letters to be discarded or emails to be deleted. If this is the case, find your PAN number with these guidelines.

Look on Previous Tax Returns

If you’ve lost your PAN number or card, you can find this number on your income tax documents. The PAN is a 10-digit alpha-numeric account number that’s required for those who are linking income to taxes in India. Those who apply for PAN verification receive a laminated card, and the number on the card is the identifier for the individual according to the tax department.

Request a Duplicate Card

It’s possible for you to request a duplicate card by visiting a website referred to as “Know Your PAN.” They’ll ask you to conduct PAN card verification online by asking your full name, your date of birth and your father’s name. Once you’ve completed online ID verification, they’ll ask you what your email address and for mobile phone number verification. Be sure you select “Reprint PAN Card” from the drop-down menu before clicking “submit.”

Ask Employer for Your PAN

Many employees may not realize it, but their employer must keep a record of their employee’s PAN number. They use this number to file tax form 16 or 16A, Verification of by the Taxpayer. You can ask your employer to pull the form and read the PAN number they submitted on your behalf when you initially gave them card verification during the hiring process.

Use Your Mobile Phone

Visit the website where you filed your income taxes and, if you e-filed your return, you can receive a copy of your PAN number displayed on your mobile phone. Visit the website and click, “Know your PAN.” Fill out the PAN verification by PAN number submission form. You’ll receive an OTP, which means One True Pairing, after hitting submit on your mobile phone. Submit the OTP and your PAN number will display on your mobile phone.

Send a Form Through Traditional Post

For those who would prefer not to use online or digital solutions, it’s possible to send a request for a new PAN number through the traditional post. You’ll need to print and fill out form 49A and send it in with the appropriate fee. The form must be sent with proof of identity, address and birth.