How to Verify a PAN Number

Why would a U.S. business or individual need to verify an Indian PAN card number? U.S. companies based in India need a PAN to file necessary taxes, or to withhold taxes for their Indian employees.

What Is a PAN number?

A Permanent Account Number is a taxpayer identification number in India. All taxpayers, including private corporations that pay taxes in India, are required to have one.

This makes the PAN similar to a U.S. Social Security Number, which identifies taxpayers in many transactions. In India, a PAN is required to file income tax returns, sell vehicles, rent property, apply for a credit card, open a bank account and many other normal business operations.

What Options Are Available to Verify a PAN Number?

One common way for organizations to verify a taxpayer’s or financial entity’s identity is to check the provided PAN using an online portal. There are two main government-approved sources for PAN verification in India: NSDL e-Gov and UTI. To perform this type of verification, employers must first receive authorization.

Once your organization has the appropriate clearance, there are three ways to verify a PAN online:

  • Software APIs: Several Indian software developers offer dedicated PAN-verification apps that allow companies to check PAN status of customers and employees instantly.
  • Onscreen verification: A simple form lets users check up to five different PANs online. After entering the numbers, personal details appear on the screen.
  • Authorized file format: This option is suited to corporations will large numbers of employees. Each submitted file can contain up to 1,000 different PANs awaiting verification.

How to Verify a PAN Number by PAN Number or QR Code

State-of-the-art PAN cards have a Quick Response code printed on the front. This allows employers and other authorized entities to verify PAN card numbers quickly using a QR reader or phone app. After scanning the QR code, details such as name and date of birth appear. To verify a PAN online using the provided number and one of the NSDL e-Gov or UTI methods, here’s what to do:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Enter the PAN number or numbers into the blank fields on the screen.
  3. Click on Submit.
  4. In necessary, click on the CAPTCHA.
  5. The details of the requested PANs will appear.

How to Verify a PAN Number by Name

Employers can also verify a PAN using the cardholder’s name and date of birth. Both name and DOB are required for security reasons. Follow these instructions to verify a PAN number by name:

  1. Sign into your authorized account at NDSL e-Gov.
  2. Enter the individual’s full name and DOB into the fields provided.
  3. If there are several people with the same name and DOB, you may be asked to enter the father’s first and last name as well.

Who Can Verify a PAN Number?

Obviously, the personal data of taxpayers isn’t available to just anyone. Certain entities can receive government authorization to view PAN card numbers, such as banks, credit card companies and corporations that have to file an Annual Information Return. These organizations all have to register using an online application before they can access PAN verification information. They have to provide documents such as their certificate of incorporation, business license and other tax-related details.