What Are Internal Revenue Service Forms?

Photo Courtesy: gece33/Getty Images

Filing your taxes can get complicated, and understanding what you need to report, when to do so and how is likely what’ll take up much of the time you spend preparing your return. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publishes a variety of forms to help taxpayers compile and report necessary information related to their taxes. While these forms can make your taxes easier to understand, there’s also a wide variety of them out there — and it’s important to know which ones you actually need if you’re trying to streamline your filing process.

Some forms are for personal use to make filing your taxes easier. You’ll need to file others with your taxes, and some are designed for you to submit to your employer. Each form has a specific purpose and incorporates different types of information, depending on who needs it. Here, we’ll discuss what these forms are, how to use them and what to know about some of the most common IRS forms you’ll encounter.