4 Helpful Tips for Using the IRS's E-Filing System

 Photo Courtesy: FG Trade/Getty Images

Feeling a little apprehensive about tax time? You’re not alone. Filing taxes isn’t exactly a process with the best reputation around — but you’ll be happy to know that the IRS has taken a number of helpful steps to make the task far less stressful. Whatever your financial situation might look like, you can simplify some of your filing responsibilities by submitting your taxes online through a process called e-filing. Instead of calculating deductions and signing mountains of paperwork, you can send everything to the correct destination via your computer.

As convenient as e-filing is, the e-file system has terminology and steps that are unique to this method of filing taxes. To make the process of filing taxes electronically as smooth as possible, you’ll want to start by getting the facts about how the system works. Then, it’s time to compile the proper documentation — and get ready for an easier tax season.