What Is the Average Price of a New Roof?

Photo Courtesy: taniche/iStock

While roofs are built to last a long time — depending on the material, some can have lifespans of 50 years or more — many homeowners will need to replace theirs eventually. Replacing a roof is a big project, and most people know the cost can be pretty high. However, it’s also typical to have plenty of questions about exactly what to expect, price-wise.

Here’s a quick look at the average price of a new roof, as well as some insights into when you should replace a roof and how to estimate the cost of your project.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Depending on the material that’s currently on your home, you can use the age of the roof as a general guide to determine a replacement time. Asphalt and composite shingle roofs are typically good for about 20 years, while fiber cement may last for 25. Wood shake gives you a bit more time at 30 years, while metal roofs usually hold up for 40 to 70 years. Finally, slate or tile roofs may last upward of 50 years.

However, there are also condition signs that signal a new roof is essential, even if your roofing material should give you more time based on its age. Notable damage of any kind can make a roof replacement a must.

While some issues only need small repairs, problems with sagging or rotting often necessitate a replacement. The same can be true of significant asphalt or composite shingle cracking, peeling or curling, as well as bald spots on the shingles. Long-standing mold and mildew could create material damage that makes a replacement necessary, too.

What Is the Average Cost of Roof Replacement?

On average, a roof replacement costs about $14,400, and the average cost range for a roof replacement is between $8,700 and $22,000. However, the exact price varies depending on several factors. Along with your location, the material you choose plays a role. The same goes for the total square footage of your roof and its pitch. A new roof typically costs between $4.35 and $11 per square foot.

In most cases, about 40% of the total project cost is for materials, and the remaining 60% is for labor. As a result, the company you choose to perform the work has a substantial impact on your overall cost.

How Can I Calculate the Cost to Replace My Roof?

As mentioned, between $4.35 and $11 per square foot is the average price for a new roof. You can use those figures to create a reasonable estimate for the cost of your roof replacement.

For example, say you have a 2,200-square-foot single-story home. Take 2,200 square feet as a starting point. Find out your roof’s pitch, and simplify the fraction. For example, if your roof is a 6/12 pitch, that works out to 1/2.

Next, square the simplified fraction. For the example, 1/2 squared is 1/4. After squaring it, add 1. That brings the example up to 1 ¼, or 5/4. Then, get the square root of this new number. For 5/4, that’s about 1.118.

After this, multiply that figure by 2,200 to incorporate the square footage. For this example, that leads to a total of 2,459.6 square feet. Because your roof may have hips, overhangs and other structural features, add another 10–20% to that number to accommodate these overages and the complexity of your roof. That leads to a total area of around 2,706 to 2,952 square feet.

Finally, multiple that figure by the cost per square foot. Based on the low- and high-end options ($4.35 to $11 per square foot) and the larger area figure of 2,952, the roof in our example would cost between $12,841 and $32,472.

Because the cost can vary so much, some homeowners prefer to use funds from a HELOC to cover the price of a new roof. With this option, you may not need to know the exact cost right away, which gives you some room for error as long as you’re below the total amount available in your HELOC account.