These Vacation Locations Can Work for Any Budget

Photo Courtesy: hocus-focus/iStock

When you’re planning a vacation, affordability is typically part of the equation. After all, even if you use reliable budgeting tips and score a great deal on travel insurance, travel expenses can still add up fast.

Fortunately, it’s possible to have an outstanding vacation without busting through your savings too quickly. By choosing the right destination, you can have an amazing time no matter your budget. Whether you need to be frugal or have money to spare, here are some vacation locations that are worth considering.


In reality, practically any destination in Southeast Asia is affordable. However, there’s a reason why you should consider Cambodia. Along with being low-cost and breathtakingly beautiful, the country is very welcoming. Plus, it’s generally safe for tourists, particularly those who are savvy enough to spot scams and know how to make themselves unattractive targets for petty crime.

Generally speaking, Cambodia is also less popular than nearby Thailand. In part, this is because Cambodia is a bit less developed. As a result, it’s easier to score bargains in Cambodia if you need to travel on a budget. For those who can spend a bit more, accessing luxury is often easier, too.

While in Cambodia, there’s plenty to do. Whether you’re looking for fantastic beaches, historical sites or anything in between, you’ll find it. Plus, simply taking in the scenery is an experience unto itself, essentially guaranteeing you’ll have something to talk about for years to come.


While China is well on its way to becoming the largest luxury goods market in the world, that doesn’t mean it’s not an affordable vacation destination. Often, prices are lower than you’d see in the U.S., making everything from hopping on a train to dining out more affordable.

In China, it’s possible to visit major cities – including Beijing – without breaking the bank. While there are high-end accommodations that can derail a tighter budget, there is a slew of low-cost alternatives with solid amenities, too. The same goes for food.

Usually, the most expensive part of a vacation to China is airfare. Since that’s the case, it’s wise to do some comparison shopping in that department if you want to keep your total cost down.


Mexico has long been known as an affordable vacation destination, and with good reason. Along with low-cost options for accommodations and meals, travelers from the U.S. can easily find bargain airplane tickets, reducing what can often be one of the biggest travel expenses.

Another benefit of heading to Mexico is that there are options for any budget. If you want to reduce spending, you can have an excellent time with ease. If you have more to spend, you can tap into luxury accommodations, high-end dining, top-tier excursions and more, allowing you to create a trip unlike any other.

Just keep in mind that the busy season in cities like Cancun usually runs from December to April. If you need to keep costs down, consider making the trip outside of that window. However, it’s still reasonably affordable even during peak season, so that may be unnecessary.


It’s easy to assume that Western Europe simply isn’t an option for budget travelers. However, Portugal is affordable, and it offers up everything you could want to see in a European destination. From beautiful beaches to a flourishing wine country and from quaint towns to sprawling cities with historic charm, you can find it here.

When it comes to food, Portugal has a lot to offer. If you prefer seafood, you’ll have no trouble finding an exceptional meal. However, there are great options for everyone else, too, particularly if you enjoy Mediterranean flavors.

Portugal is also welcoming to visitors. The locals are warm, inviting and typically more than willing to point a tourist in the right direction when the need arises. Plus, the country is generally safe for visitors, with petty crime being the most significant risk.

Puerto Rico

If you’re from the U.S. and don’t want to deal with getting a passport or converting currency, a vacation to Puerto Rico could be the perfect option. You can explore amazing beaches and the fantastic culture, all without breaking the bank.

Generally, Puerto Rico is welcoming to tourists, particularly since an influx of travelers helped make Hurricane Maria recovery efforts move forward more quickly. Since travel wasn’t possible during the height of the pandemic, many Puerto Ricans are excited for travelers to return, as it’ll give the local economy a boost.

Plus, Puerto Rico isn’t as crowded as some alternatives. If you’re ready to lounge on the beach without being surrounded by other travelers, make this your go-to destination.

South Korea

Another low-cost destination that travelers on any budget should consider is South Korea. The countryside is exceptionally beautiful, while the cities offer high-tech conveniences and ample amenities, bringing together the best of both worlds. Plus, the food is outstanding.

Overall, the affordability of South Korea is part of why it’s a great choice. If you’re on a tight budget, you can have a fantastic time for far less than you would in many other areas. If you have enough cash to splurge here and there, you can enjoy the best of what’s available with surprising ease. Another benefit is that many of the larger cities are very tourist-friendly.

Ultimately, any of the vacation locations above work for any budget. You can keep costs down and still have an amazing time or spend a bit more for the luxury experience of your dreams. Just make sure to plan carefully, particularly when it comes to securing airfare. That way, you’re more likely to have your ideal vacation.