How to Calculate the Value of Savings Bonds

A Series EE Bond is a United States government savings bond that will earn guaranteed interest. These bonds will at least double in value over the term of the bond, which is usually 20 years. You can track the earnings of your Series EE bonds by calculating their value.

EE US Savings Bonds

Series EE bonds are non-marketable securities, meaning you can’t buy or sell them in the open market. Although the initial term is 20 years, most of these bonds have an interest-paying life that maxes out 10 years past the initial term.

On January 1, 2012, the U.S. Treasury Department stopped issuing paper savings bonds. Buying Series EE bonds in electronic form is the only way to get them.

The minimum investment for Series EE bonds is $25. Investors are limited to $10,000 each calendar year for a specific Social Security number. Bonds issued after May of 2005 will increase in value every month at a fixed rate, but the interest payments occur semiannually.

More Information About Series EE Bonds Value

When you buy Series EE bonds, they’re priced at half of their face value. It’s impossible to know exactly when the bond will reach its face value. If 17 years go by and a bond hasn’t yet reached its value, the Treasury Department will adjust it up to this value.

Series EE bonds are low-risk investments. Although you can cash out at any point after one year, most people hold onto them as long-term savings instruments. If you need your money after the minimum holding time, you can get it as long as you are ready to pay taxes on interest and any penalties that may apply.

Using a Value Chart of Series EE Bonds

The Treasury Direct has value charts available for viewing and download. Make sure you view the tables for your bond type and the appropriate issue year. These charts can be helpful for seeing the big picture of how Series EE bonds increase in value over time.

Using a EE Series Bond Calculator

The U.S. Treasury website has a tool you can use to calculate the value of your Series EE bonds. Just enter the date, the denomination, the bond serial number and the issue date. After clicking “Calculate,” you’ll see the value of the bond. You can even save this information so you can refer to it later.

Series EE Bond Terms

You have to own a Series EE bond for a minimum of one year, and the interest earning period won’t be longer than 30 years. If you redeem the bond before it’s five years old, you’ll forfeit interest from the previous three months. If you wait to redeem for at least five years, there’s no penalty.


The only taxation that happens to Series EE bonds is for inheritance or estate taxes. They ‘re subject to taxation on any interest earnings. But, if you use your interest earnings to finance an education, you might be able to exclude them on your federal income tax.