Do Casper Mattress & Other Mattress-in-Box Brands Really Save You Money?

Photo Courtesy: 10,000 Hours/Getty Images

A recent shakeup in the mattress industry has proven that no market is safe from digital disruptors. "Mattresses were long considered immune to the e-commerce boom," The Wall Street Journal notes. "For decades, they have been sold in showrooms full of dozens of styles with dizzying discounts and high-pressure salespeople. But a new breed of upstarts with slick websites has cracked into the $14 billion U.S. mattress industry."

Instead of traveling to stores, wandering around showrooms, and talking down salespeople for a better price, consumers are ordering mattresses online. It's more than just fixed prices that are encouraging them to buy online — it's the all around convenience of the experience. For one, these mattress startups deliver the product to your doorstep. 

After just a few years, these online mattress sellers have dominated sales — and podcasts ads. Now, bed-in-a-box brands like Casper and Purple are shipping not just vacuum-sealed mattresses, but bed frames and other products to doorsteps too. So, although these brands boast a cheaper and more convenient shopping experience, are these mattress-in-a-box startups really providing a worthwhile investment?