Checking Your EPF Balance

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Your EPF balance is an important part of your retirement contribution. It’s important to stay on top of your balance to ensure that your funds are coming along the way you expect. Read on to learn about four different ways to check your EPF balance.

Check the Online Portal

You can use the EFPO web portal to check your employee EFP balance. Before you first login to this portal, your account will need to be linked using your universal account number. After you receive authorization and confirm your identity, you can access your account information directly from the portal.

If you have any trouble accessing the portal, contact your employer to ensure that your information has been entered correctly. There are some circumstances where your employer may be exempt from entering employee information. If you happen to work for one such employer, your information will not be accessible through the online portal.

Use the Umang App

Alternatively, you can access your EFP information by using the Umang app. Simply download the app onto your smartphone and perform the necessary, one-time authorization with your mobile phone number. Once you’re in the app, you can access your EFP account to check balances, make claims and check claim statuses, all in one convenient place.

Send a Text

If you want to use your phone but don’t want to go to the trouble of downloading an app and going through the authorization process, you can simply send a text to the EFPO number to request information about your most recent deposit. This service is only available for employees with authorized UANs who can access the EFPO portal.

Make a Call

Similarly, if you’re authorized via the UAN portal, you can receive account information by calling the appropriate EFPO number and leaving a voice message. You’ll the receive an automated call back to your mobile number with the EFP account information you need.

Stay on Track

It’s important to stay informed about your EFP contributions and account balance. This information can help you to determine your future financial activities, and provide insight into how well your account is growing. With so many easy ways to access your EFP account balance, there’s no reason to avoid periodic inquiries into your account information. If you notice any errors, you can work with your employer or bank to resolve them before they get out of hand.