8 Great Audiobooks to Help You "Budget Like a Pro"

Photo Courtesy: [Riska/iStock]

Have you set some financial goals recently? If so, you might be learning just how important a budget is — and how important a skill budgeting can be. Your budget is a roadmap to reaching those goals, whether they include saving up for a down payment on a home, retiring more comfortably or ensuring your bills are covered each month. The benefits of budgeting are pretty clear, but what are the habits and skills you need to cultivate to gain more budgeting knowledge — and put that knowledge into action?

We’ve rounded up eight of our favorite audiobooks that can help you learn all the basics of budgeting and set yourself up for success. They’re all beginner-friendly, with clear plans of action that can help you take more steps toward reaching your financial goals. Get inspired, get motivated and start making an action plan with these audiobooks.