Keeping the Instacart Delivery App Even After the Pandemic Can Help You Save — Here’s How

Photo Courtesy: FilippoBacci/Getty Images

The Instacart delivery app has been a literal lifesaver during the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, will this service stay popular when life "gets back to normal"? Aside from helping folks stay safely at home, delivery apps like Instacart have also proven to be rather convenient for those of us with packed schedules. From avoiding traffic to helping you maximize your time, Instacart seems to be the way of the future, but is it the best solution for you? 

Moreover, how does it stack up to competitors? And does it generate any meaningful savings? With these questions in mind, we're delving into the pros and cons of this grocery delivery service to determine if it's really worthwhile — or if, in a post-pandemic world, we should just drag ourselves back to Safeway every week.