Low-Budget Wedding Venue Ideas to Keep Your Big Day Affordable

Photo Courtesy: hobo_018/E+/Getty Images

Tying the knot is a pretty substantial life event, and it often has some equally substantial costs to go along with it. From rings to outfits to catered meals, there are plenty of details you’ll need to consider (and pay for) to create the celebration of your dreams. Some of the costliest of these expenses — and, thus, one of the areas where you may be able to save the most money —  are the venues where you’ll host your bach party, wedding ceremony and reception.

While some couples don't mind splurging on an extravagant wedding, others would rather save the money to enjoy an epic honeymoon, put a down payment on a home or simply not start out life on such an expensive note. If you're looking to stick to a wedding budget and save, check out these affordable wedding reception venues where you can get married and enjoy the company of loved ones without spreading your savings too thin.