Here’s Why a Moving Pod Is a Necessary Investment

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Moving is no small task. Between finding a new home, packing, unloading, and unpacking, it’s an exhausting event. With so many changes in how and where people work over the past year, now might be a great time to make a move. And for reasons that range from flexibility to sheer convenience, moving pods will help make your next move a little easier.

To help you navigate the world of moving and storage, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about moving pods. If you want to know all of the pros and cons associated with today’s most popular moving-pod companies, read on. 

Is Now the Right Time to Move?

As more people become vaccinated, the real estate market has hit an all-time level of activity. More people are traveling, and more companies have shifted to allow for indefinite remote work opportunities. If you’ve found yourself working and living in a crowded one-bedroom apartment, more space might be just what you need. On the reverse side, with so many people leaving dense urban areas, just as many are seeking affordable homes in the city — or nearby ‘burbs — as rental rates decrease.

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Wherever you fall on the real estate spectrum, this summer could be a great opportunity to make a change. Working remotely is more common than ever. This means there are almost endless possibilities — and, for many, no strict parameters on where they need to live. (Besides, maybe, a time zone that aligns with that of your coworkers.) Moreover, your commute, or lack thereof, may look completely different than it did before. With all this shake-up, now’s the time to try something different, to potentially find a home that isn’t tethered to your office’s location. When you are ready for a change, a moving pod won’t be hard to find.

How Do Moving Pods Work?

Moving pods can be a great alternative to traditional movers. If your move consists of different closing dates or traveling a long distance, a moving pod offers a lot more flexibility. Moreover, many moving pods offer pick-up services at your current home. 

Before you begin, you’ll want to decide how much stuff you’ll be moving. Your inventory will determine how large of a pod or storage container you’ll need. Next, you’ll determine the length of your storage needs; many companies run specials for the first week or month of storage.

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Another big question worth considering: Will you need movers? Some moving pod companies come complete with movers — while others don’t. If you have a small amount of stuff that you can load and unload, avoiding movers can help you save some money. But if you do have some large pieces, using the storage companies’ movers may be a lot more time and cost-effective than finding movers separately. If the pod company you choose doesn’t offer moving services, they will usually provide you with a list of third-party companies accustomed to working with pods.

Once you’ve booked your moving pod(s), they are delivered to your home. From there, you load up your pod(s), and, once you’re all packed, they’ll be brought to the company’s storage facility. Once you arrive at your final destination, your pod(s) can be scheduled for drop-off, which, again, may or may not include movers to help you unpack. Moreover, pods can also be staggered so that furniture gets delivered one day and an additional pod full of boxes comes at a later date.

The Benefits of a Moving Pod Over Traditional Movers

A moving pod offers several benefits over traditional movers. To start, you’re given full control and flexibility over your move. For a move across the country or a move with a gap in closing dates, this is a great solution. Your stuff gets picked up and delivered to your door whenever you’re ready. There’s no need to haul your stuff yourself or drive to another state if you don’t want to commit to that kind of trek.

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Moving pods are also great for renovations. You can close on your new home and keep your stuff packed away while you stay somewhere else and await the end of those construction projects. Essentially, the pod options are almost endless. 

Moving Pod Round-Up

There are several different moving and pod storage companies out there today. To help you sort through a few different types, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular.

Pod Moving Companies and Storage

One of the most popular national storage companies,

Pods Moving and Storage

is a great option to look into. Pods don’t have in-house movers, so keep in mind that you’ll need to coordinate a third-party moving company to help you load and unload your pod if needed. Be sure that your movers will also disassemble and re-assemble furniture as well as remove televisions from mounts if you need these services.

Once you book your pod, it’s delivered by a driver to the front of your home. There are three different sizes to choose from. You can choose to leave your pod for an extended time or have them loaded and picked up immediately. Your pods are then stored at a secured storage facility and dropped back off on the date you choose. For city moves, the truck driver remains in the truck and takes it back that same day.

Moving pod prices range depending on the number of pods you have and your storage duration. A Pods Moving specialist will go over your inventory to help you determine the size container you need as well as how many. You’ll then tell them how long you’d like your items stored. Pods storage units start at $149 per month. Pick-up and delivery fees start at $74.99.
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U-Haul’s U-Box Containers

U-Haul offers several different moving and storage options. Their U-Box containers are mobile storage pods that get delivered to your home. You or your third-party movers can load them up. They are then picked up and delivered to your new home. Your containers are stored at their secure storage facility until you’re ready for them to be delivered again. There is only one size for storage containers, but you’ll be able to order as many as you need.

For larger moves, you can also take advantage of their truck services and self-storage facilities. U-Haul offers third-party moving services and helps with packing and shipping as well. There are more moving services with a variety of options, but you’ll be able to fully customize your move and storage with U-Haul. U-Haul moving pods start at $99 per month. One pod fits a studio apartment, so you can estimate one U-Box per room in your home. U-Haul offers instant online quotes on all of their storage and truck services.


A newer storage and moving option that runs like a concierge moving company, Doorage is able to pick up and move as much or as little as you’d like. For storage, you’re charged by cubic square foot used. When you book their storage or moving services, you’ll also have the benefit of professional movers. They come to your home and can help with packing and wrapping your items as well. Everything that gets stored gets tagged and cataloged for you to reference later.

Once Doorage packs and stores your belongings, they can be moved to your next destination or stored for any period of time. With their cataloging feature, you can even choose which items you’d like delivered from your account online at any time. If you’re renovating a home, for example, you can start to bring certain items from storage at different times. 

Doorage prices are based on how many cubic feet you use. A small closet will start at $35.70 per month to store, and a 4-bedroom home will run around $539 per month. The longer you store, the better discount you’ll receive per month. They also offer cross-country and local moving if you don’t need storage. You can receive an instant quote on their website with current specials based on your zip code and inventory.