What is Blue Apron and How Does It Work?

Photo Courtesy: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Most people agree that there's nothing better than a home-cooked meal. What happens if you’re busy and you don’t have time to buy groceries and prepare a meal? More and more people are opting for meal kit delivery services as a convenient way to eat delicious, healthy food without any meal preparation. Said kits arrive at their doorsteps — and they can start cooking. It’s that simple.

Currently, Blue Apron is the most popular meal kit delivery service in the United States. Delivering two to four Blue Apron meal recipes per week, the service helps customers expand their cooking skills with proportioned ingredients, easy-to-understand instructions, and other cooking tips. 

Before you subscribe to the service, you might have some questions: precisely what is Blue Apron and how does it work? What kind of menus are available? How much does it cost? And, most importantly, are services like Blue Apron worth it?