Boost Your Financial Literacy With These Top 7 TED Talks

Photo Courtesy: Morsa Images/Stone/Getty Images

How much do you know about finance, and how healthy are your personal finances? If you’re working to improve your answers to both questions, it helps to know that there are plenty of great educational resources out there to assist you. 

As you get started boosting your knowledge base around personal finance, you’ll notice there’s plenty of terminology to learn — along with quite a few overarching concepts to get a better grasp on. What better way to get started than to learn from some easily digestible lectures hosted by personal finance pros? 

The TED talks on this list tackle all the must-know basics about your finances, from sticking to a budget and paying off your credit cards to learning about the stock market and reaching financial independence. Understanding the important basic topics in these TED talks will help you grow more confident and organized when it comes to managing your finances.