Smartphone Bargains: Tips for Getting Deals on Cell Phones

Photo Courtesy: Ivan-balvan/iStock

Nothing defines the world we live in like smartphones, which allow people from all over the world to connect at any time, even while they are on the move. So popular are these devices that 6,567 of them are in use today. And that number is expected to rise in the near future.

Apple and Samsung are global leaders in smartphone manufacturing. However, most people who wait for upcoming smartphone releases to get the latest phones from these brands may not want to pay what they cost up front. Fortunately, if you are smart about how you shop for your new phone, you can get a good bargain smartphone that’s easy on your wallet. Below are some tips you can implement to get deals on cell phones.

1. Pre-Order a New Cell Phone

It doesn’t matter if you prefer flip top smartphones, smartphones with the largest screen size or the best tough smartphone in the world. The best time to get a bargain is when you pre-order a new cell phone introduced to the market.

Pre-orders guarantee sales for new products that some people may not be willing to risk their money for. So, manufacturers are eager to offer plenty of incentives to make them happen.

You could get them at a considerable discount by pre-ordering a cell phone. Some manufacturers may give a credit worth several hundred dollars to go toward purchasing one of their products or offer other kinds of discounts as incentives. For example, in 2021, Samsung offered up to $200 worth of Samsung credit to those purchasing Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or Z Flip3 5G phones for as long as supplies lasted.

2. Buy an Older Model When a New Version Comes Out

It is common practice for cell phone sellers to discount older models of their smartphone products when new versions come out. This is done to ensure that the old stock continues to move. So, they would rather sell the older models at a discount instead of letting them go to waste and lose money.

Pay close attention to any upcoming smartphone releases. Sites like CNET and Android Authority offer this kind of information, enabling you to determine the older models likely to be offered on sale. You can even set up Google Alerts for specific cell phone sales.

Another advantage of getting an older model is that it is time-tested. If there have been any technical issues, you may have heard about them already or can find out that information easily. So, you can select an excellent phone that suits your communication needs at a discount, all because people want the latest gadget.

3. Shop Online Instead of In-Store

There are several reasons why it may be better for you to shop online instead of in brick-and-mortar stores.

First, if you buy your cell phone from the manufacturer’s website, you cut off the retailer and wholesaler that act as middlemen. Doing so enables you to take advantage of the cost savings since there are no retail commissions for the cell phone brand.

Secondly, when you opt to buy your cell phone from large online e-commerce sites like Amazon, you will benefit from economies of scale. Such platforms have warehouses and direct links to manufacturers, which gives them access to huge volumes of products at a lower price. As a result, consumers on these sites tend to benefit from cheaper goods.

Last but not least, online shopping enables you to utilize price comparison tools, such as Wirefly, to get the best deals on cell phones. For example, if you want the best budget Samsung smartphone, you can set your filters by specifying the phone specs, carriers, price range and customer reviews. And then, you can determine the best cell phone for your needs. You can also do the same when you want to compare the price of other brands.

4. Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned phone that retailers, manufacturers or networks sell after repairing and testing to ensure it meets a specified standard. As a result, it usually has some kind of warranty attached to it.

However, because the refurbished phone has been pre-owned, it may have a lower sale price than a new one. For example, if you want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S20, you might need to spend $1,000. But a refurbished one could cost you about $655. However, even though the phone is refurbished, it is still in good condition since issues it had before have been fixed. 

Buying a phone this way is a great way to get a good deal on a cell phone you desire at a more affordable cost. However, you must ensure you purchase the phone from a trustworthy outlet. While good smartphones may sometimes cost more than you anticipate, you don’t have to pay full price for the devices you want. If you do your homework, you could get the cell phone you like for a significantly lower price.

5. Wait for Sales Events

You may want to wait for special sales events, such as Black Friday, to purchase a new smartphone. During such times, many brands tend to sell discounted products. Since they target large volumes of people worldwide, they tend to make profits even if they cut prices, which benefits you in the end.