Tips for Choosing the Best Mid-Cap Growth Funds to Invest In

Photo Courtesy: d3sign/Getty Images

When you start getting deeper into the world of investing, you'll begin learning an entirely new, finance-specific vocabulary. From assets and mutual funds to expense ratios and the New York Stock Exchange, there's certainly a lot to absorb. But as you look into purchasing stocks in particular, you're almost certain to hear different stocks being referred to as large-cap, mid-cap or small-cap — and the deeper you get into investing in stocks, the more relevant these terms will become. 

So what exactly do these classifications mean, and why do they matter when it comes to investing in the stock market? We'll fill you in on all the basics as we take a look at mid-cap stocks, why they're classified as such and what type of investors they tend to attract. Plus, you'll discover the types of mid-caps that are ideal for newer investors to check out.