What Is a FINRA-Registered Broker-Dealer, and How Can They Help You Invest?

Photo Courtesy: [Westend61/Getty Images]

When it comes to investing in stocks, consumers have plenty of options. We’re now able to make purchases and trades from our smartphones, and social media has made trading advice much more accessible than it was even a decade ago. But while some key investing processes have modernized and digitized, stockbrokers can still play an important role in helping you refine your investment strategies — but so can what are known as broker-dealers.

Despite technological advances that have largely streamlined the investing process, sometimes nothing beats tradition. If you’re looking for an experienced broker who can give your portfolio a higher level of individualized attention and tailored recommendations, you’ll come across several different types of these professionals in your research — including FINRA-registered broker-dealers. So, what separates a broker-dealer from a regular stock broker, and does it matter what organization a broker-dealer is registered with? Learn more about what these advisors do and how they can help you strategize.