Scholarships for Nursing Students

Determining how you’re going to finance your nursing education can be a challenge. However, there are ways of reducing tuition costs. One of the best ways is through the use of nursing school grants and scholarships.

Scholarships Specific to Nursing

There is currently a shortage of available nurses, and, as a result, job opportunities for registered nurses are growing. There’s an expected growth rate for registered nurses by 2026 of at least 15 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Both private and public organizations are remedying this situation by offering nursing students scholarships grants for nursing programs. It’s possible for students who receive these awards to graduate, meet their financial obligations and contribute to the field.

Adult Student Nursing Scholarships

It isn’t uncommon for students to earn college degrees with the intention of moving forward in a career that’s rewarding. However, unexpected events can cause interruptions to these plans and prevent students from completing their degrees. There are scholarships and grants for educational programs available to help adult students return to school, pick up where they left off, earn their degrees and achieve their professional goals.

First-Generation College Student Scholarships

When students who are the first people in their families to attend college, they are establishing an educational path for future generations to follow. A wide variety of scholarships and grants for nursing education are available for first-generation college students. Organizations offer them not only to help students develop a new norm in their families, but also to assist with the financial burdens they experience with higher education.

Single Parent Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships and government grant for single parents generally target single women. These scholarships are typically for women attempting to make improvements to their current living situations through educational achievements. It isn’t uncommon for the financial support to cover additional expenses on top of those associated with the single parent’s education. The main reason is that their personal responsibilities often prevent them from funding their own education.

Veteran Nursing Scholarships

There is funding available for veterans seeking a career in nursing These veterans grants for college are intended to offer financial rewards as a means of recognizing the contributions these individuals made to the country. They’re also a way of helping veterans find a way of re-entering the workforce. Some of these scholarships extend to eligible children, spouses and parents who need college grants.